Encounter Reports

Certain and various accounts, not pertinent to the Elder Children (or even DM, for that matter), have been classified and thereby labelled ‘Encounter Reports’; in general, these have not been published, and most likely shall remain so, with exceptions.  These experiences fall, typically, outside objective documentation, review, and analysis; they are, quite frankly, inexplicable.  One may say, in some jest, that their topics lie outside the realm of the normal…or, if you prefer, the para…normal.

One may further distinguish an Encounter Report from a Field Report, in that a Field Report is an account of myself, looking for…something…and that an Encounter Report is an account wherein…something…came looking for me.

Although a wealth of Internet and lending library resources exist regarding similar accounts, they should not be considered authoritative or informative.  Nor should they be considered objective, unless carefully scrutinised.

Encounter Reports are presented here at random, and then only after careful review with those persons who may have witnessed the same phenomena.  It is hoped that, in time, further such Reports will be published.

ENCOUNTER REPORT 06.25.2017: Mukwonago

ENCOUNTER REPORT 05.28.2017: The Thing in the Cemetery

ENCOUNTER REPORT 03.03.2017: Tichigan Lake/Tichigan Wildlife Area

ENCOUNTER REPORT 02.26.2017: Mukwonago

ENCOUNTER REPORT 07.25.2015:  Escambia County, Florida

ENCOUNTER REPORT 1990: The Wolf at the Door


Sanjay R Singhal, RA

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