Field Report 08.12.2017c: Price County

This screen-capture from the SLS Kinect camera presents (in reverse) the apparition of the man positioned on the bonnet of the truck; I am standing next to him with my hand (apparently) on his shoulder.  Per Tex Avery, the man moved about rapidly and frequently; I did not always know or guess where he might be until he took my hand in his, which he did often.  This image is the property of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society, and is presented here with their kind permission.

FIELD REPORT 08.12.2017c

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Substantiation of this Report may be provided by numerous, published accounts on the BFRO website;[1] additionally, Don Young has published much of his research across social media as well.[2] [3]  Further research and enquiry at this location may provide important, new insight regarding EC behaviour(s).

The combination of physical, visual, audible and/or olfactory events described in this Report are as follows:

  1. The sounds of movement in the brush, as I pulled into the campsite;
  2. The glimpse of something moving away and crouching down in the brush;
  3. The eerie silence, experienced throughout the investigation;
  4. The sounds of birds calling, which were not birds;
  5. The strong, pungent odour of faecal matter, which appeared and then dissipated suddenly;
  6. The marvellously fashioned branch assemblies over and above the forest trail;
  7. The positioning of same, at or just below head height;
  8. The strange, slowly fluttering white objects, observed in the wetland area;
  9. The possible observation of two small animals, romping about;
  10. The series of loud, rapid clicking sounds heard in the woods, repeated several times;
  11. The observation of a tall, red shape standing motionless in the trees;
  12. The sudden disappearance and reappearance of same throughout the afternoon;
  13. The strange, brilliant red objects in the trees, which could not be identified;
  14. The repeated sounds of movement in the brush, which approached and then circled the campsite;
  15. The sound of loud, heavy footsteps outside the vehicle, when I was napping;
  16. The wide, heavily flattened path made through the thick grass;
  17. The sudden, quick movement observed in the brush;
  18. The large, heavy branches shaking without any wind;
  19. The repeated sounds of movement around the campsite;
  20. The two loud, thudding stomps heard to the west, after Kevin & Don had departed;
  21. The three loud, thudding stomps heard to the northeast, ditto;
  22. The repetition of same, drawing closer to the campsite;
  23. The five loud, thudding stomps heard when Kevin & Don returned to the campsite;
  24. The soft, muffled sounds of movement heard in the forest;
  25. The brilliant orbs of light observed in the trees;
  26. The repeated failure of the glow-sticks;
  27. The observation of dark shadows moving in the trees;
  28. The observation of a pair of gleaming, red eyes;
  29. The soft, muffled footsteps heard outside the vehicle, during the night.

These behaviours, and the history of my own experiences, may be considered sufficient to confirm the presence of EC [4] in Price County, in the late summer of 2017.

The appearance of the figure on the Kinect camera monitor should not be considered anomalous; similar behaviours have been documented by other investigators[5] and also by the NWPS team.[6]  My personal interaction, as presented herein, may be a step towards better comprehension of such phenomena.

The presence….

I’m sorry.  I can’t talk about this right now.  Sorry.

The brilliant flash of light observed by Tex Avery but no one else, is remarkable; however, I have experienced similar phenomena since then.[7] [8]  Nonetheless, the differences in our perceptions of paranormal behaviours should be reviewed carefully; further research and enquiry may provide valuable insight.[9]

An unusual number of subjective events also occurred.  While these cannot be considered conclusive evidence of EC, ghosts and/or spirits, or any other type of paranormal being(s), neither should any of these be discounted. The impact of non-objective behaviours, while personally quite vivid and at times overwhelming, are nearly impossible to substantiate with any measure of certainty.

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[2] Cryptozoology News Author(s).  Man Releases Pictures of Two ‘Possible Bigfoot Creatures’ in Michigan.  Cryptozoology News.  13 February 2015.  Web.  Accessed 20 January 2018.  Don Young has researched extensively in Wisconsin and in Michigan.

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[4] EC, in this context, stands for ‘Elder Children’, as usual.

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[6] A notable example may be considered the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference in October 2016; the figure, which appeared and remained on the Kinect camera monitor, attached itself to a female visitor and remained by her side for some time.

[7] David Bignell.  Investigation Report 08.19.2017: East Oxford Paranormal Society.  Beyond The Forest.  11 January 2018.  Web.  Accessed 21 January 2018.  A brilliant flash of white light was observed by several members of the investigation team, as well as myself, on Saturday, 19 August 2017 at the Cottage.  Curiously, the cameras did not capture this phenomenon.

[8] Sanjay R Singhal.  Daily Reports: The Cottage.  Beyond The Forest.  2018.  Web.  Accessed 21 January 2018.  I observed several brilliant flashes of white light on Friday, 22 September 2017 in the front garden of the Cottage; they remain a baffling mystery to me.

[9] Billy Roberts.  Psychology of a Medium: A Look at the Paranormal and the World of Mediums.  Alresford, UK: Sixth Books; 2012.  Differences in paranormal perception may be caused by many factors, including childhood influences, background, and upbringing.


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