Analyses & Articles

As a vital and necessary portion of my investigations, detailled analyses of branch assemblies and other, not necessarily related items, are posted on this page; it should be noted, therefore, that these are based upon my own observations and interpretations.  Others may present a different perspective; both may be correct.

Pertinent to branch assemblies, without direct, visual confirmation of the construction of these remarkable aedifices, one may draw one’s conclusions haphazardly; there is, quite simply, no direct proof of same.

Nonetheless, I continue to find these creations to be both beautiful and compelling; if, in fact, these are the work of the Elder Children (and I, personally, do not doubt this for a moment) then they are not only important comprehensions of these persons’ behaviour, but they are works of a remarkable art, as well.

My Analyses and Articles are listed below, in order of publication:

The Chisholm Assembly: Adams County, Pennsylvania

The Oak Island Tablet: A New Interpretation

Norman Rockwell’s “The War Hero”: A New Interpretation and Graphic Analysis

140826.03 Twenty Questions

The ‘X’ Formation: An Analysis and Interpretation

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

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