Daily Report 02.21.2017: The Cottage

These photographs present the large hand-print, deeply impressed into the soft ground outside my bedroom window; notice the depth of same: my shod foot did not impact the earth at all.  Also notice the clawed appearance of the thumb and fingers, as well as the comparative width: my shod foot is approximately five inches wide (5in, or 12.7cm).  My right hand, in comparison, is only four inches wide (4in, or 10.16cm).  Copyright © 2017 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.

Daily Report 02.21.2017 (with Addendum)

To open the Report, simply double-click on the words “DAILY REPORT” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

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Copyright © 2017 Sanjay R Singhal, RA.  All rights reserved.



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