“Beyond The Forest 2014: The Year in Review”

“Beyond The Forest 2014: The Year in Review” is a compilation of Sanjay R Singhal, RA’s Field Reports from the calendar year 2014; his investigations began with a followup visit to Chartwell, in southern Wisconsin, and ended with a series of rather startling events at Rutland Gate. 2014 may be considered a year of transition, as he began to explore further in both Wisconsin and Illinois, while still investigating many of his existing research sites in Michigan as well.

There are many highlights; here are a select few:

1. Sanjay’s very personal, face-to-face encounter with a male EC at Area D in Michigan, whom he photographed and with whom, since that time, he has begun to establish a curious relationship;
2.An astonishing set of photographs from Area K2 in central Wisconsin, presenting a possible pair of rather glowering, simian faces peering from the brush;
3.The observation and followup investigation (more or less) of a large ‘X’ configuration on a busy roadside in southern California;
4.A very up-close encounter at Penrose, in which a possible EC simply walked up to the owner’s deck and startled their dog, all within a few feet of where they were sitting;
5.A series of startling and at times alarming experiences at Rutland Gate.

There are many more experiences and encounters, to be certain; one need only read further. Sanjay has tried to present his findings in an objective fashion; he hopes he has succeeded. Nonetheless, the impressions gained on each investigation have not been excluded; they are an important part of his findings, and comparison of same with the efforts of other researchers offers a reference point, and possibly validation as well.

The reader may observe some slight differences between the Field Reports presented herein and the same reports as published on the Beyond the Forest blog (https://beyondtheforestblog.wordpress.com); these are intentional, and necessary to the structure of this book. Some photographs have been rearranged; some paragraphs have been combined. In a few reports, some comments have been omitted altogether.

“Beyond The Forest 2014: The Year in Review” may be purchased through your local, independent booksellers.


Sanjay R Singhal, RA
Copyright © 2018 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.

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