The Oak Island Tablet: A New Interpretation

The Oak Island tablet, with inscriptions copied from the original and re-created for this Analysis by yours truly. Copyright © 2015 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.


To open the Document, simply double-click on the words “TABLET” or “INTERPRETATION” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

The Oak Island mystery has fascinated me since I was a small boy, and first read of the incredible treasure at the bottom of the famed Money Pit (well, there’s supposed to be treasure at the bottom). Only recently, however, have I begun to attempt, and to thereby suggest, a possible interpretation of the Oak Island Tablet.

My source material has come, primarily, from the Internet, and has been utilised here via the Fair Use Act; I have given credit for same, insofar as possible. It should be noted, however, for the purposes of this document, that my analyses and my interpretations are entirely my own; they are not the work of others, nor were they provided to me by others. Furthermore, it should also be noted that all graphics appearing in this document are my own work; I drew them myself; they belong to me. There are numerous websites featuring photographs of the copy of the Oak Island tablet; I do not include them here, for copyright reasons.

I have not visited Oak Island in person, nor have I communicated with the owners. My interpretations have not been submitted to either a professional historian, archaeologist or surveyor, or indeed to anyone connected to Oak Island; in all honesty, I shouldn’t know where to start. There are a great many people who have studied this topic and who continue to do so; in the words of the beautiful and young Marie Antoinette, Il y a bien du monde aujourd’hui à Versailles.[1]

Other interpretations have been made, by other persons; some are referenced in this document. I do not suggest, in any manner, that these interpretations are incorrect, invalid, and/or incomplete; it is my own suggestion that an alternative interpretation of the tablet may provide new insight. All things being equal, of course, it may be rejected in its entirety.

I have stated that the analyses and interpretations presented herein are entirely the results of my own work, and my own efforts, and so, I must also state that any mistakes, glaring or otherwise, are also my own. I’m hardly perfect, although I certainly try my best; the reader’s gracious indulgence is humbly requested.

Finally, to answer the question which my friends, colleagues and acquaintances have asked, since I first began to buttonhole them with my enthusiasm, and bore them with my ephemera, in the immortal words of Sir Edmund Hillary (who, in fact, once held me as a baby): “Because…it was there.” [2]

[1] Evelyne Lever, translated by Catherine Temerson. Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France. London: St Martin’s Griffin; 2000.

[2] Often attributed to Hillary, but first uttered by George Mallory. Sean Sullivan. Because It’s There: The Quotable George Mallory. The Clymb. 2013. Web. Accessed 24 October 2015.

To open the Document, simply double-click on the words “TABLET” or “INTERPRETATION” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.


Sanjay R Singhal, RA
Copyright © 2018 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.

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