Field Report 09.01.2013F: Hammerfield

The curiously shaped glimmering blue light observed in the pine grove at Hammerfield; 1 September, 2013.  Copyright © 2015 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.

FIELD REPORT 09.01.2013Fv2

To open the Report, simply double-click on the words “FIELD REPORT”  above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Substantiation of this Report is minimal at best; I do not know of any other persons conducting research in this area of Wisconsin. Some corroboration, however, may be provided by my own field work at Hammerfield, which began in earnest in the summer of 2013[1] and which continued through the autumn.[2] [3]

The combination of physical, visual, audible and/or olfactory events described in this Report are as follows:

  1. The direct, visual observation of a pair of tall, dark figures passing out of the pine grove;
  2. The absolute, eerie silence as we approached the pine grove;
  3. The sound of heavy, padded footfalls, keeping in step with my own;
  4. The observation of something passing back and forth, in front of the opening in the pine grove;
  5. The bright, blue-white lights passing rapidly through the woods;
  6. The pair of wood-knocks, heard from the north;
  7. The answering pair of wood-knocks, heard from the cornfield.

These behaviours, and the history of my own experiences, may be considered sufficient to suggest the presence of EC [4] at Hammerfield, in the early autumn of 2013.

The strange, stick-like creature I observed in the cornfield cannot be readily explained; I have been unable to find any comparable type of cryptid, or even a discussion of same. It is reasonable to suggest, in context, that I observed one thing, and mistook it for another; it was very dark, and I did not shine my torch at it (for obvious reasons). Alternatively, it is reasonable to suggest that I did, in fact, observe a rather large Phasmatoptera-type insect quite closely, and, in the darkness, mistook it for a much larger creature. I do not know the answer.

The severe disorientation experienced in the ploughed field may be considered a personal infrasound event, lacking any other definition; however, it did not prevent me from continuing my field work that evening, nor did it prevent me from eventually returning to Hammerfield, in the spring of 2015. Such effect upon my physical and perceptive senses suggest some type of sensory manipulation, although any further clarification is almost impossible to confirm.

A number of subjective events also occurred. While these cannot be considered conclusive evidence, neither should they be discounted. Although it is reasonable to review the impact of non-objective stimuli in this Report, such effects, while personally quite vivid and at times overwhelming, are nonetheless nearly impossible to substantiate with any measure of certainty.

[1] Sanjay R Singhal. Field Report 09.01.2013D: Hammerfield. Beyond The Forest. 23 August 2015. Web. Accessed 23 August 2015.

[2] It should be noted that, for the purposes of this Report, the majority of my experiences at Hammerfield have been classified as Encounter, not Field Reports; accordingly, these remain unpublished.

[3] I did not return to Hammerfield until the spring of 2015.

[4] EC, in this context, stands for “Elder Children”, as usual.

To open the Report, simply double-click on the words “FIELD REPORT”  above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

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Copyright © 2015 Sanjay R Singhal, RA.  All rights reserved.


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