Field Report 07.27.2012: Area K

The remarkable pattern of tree lichens (Common Greenshield, Whitewash, or a variant thereof) in the south woods, bearing a strong resemblance to a large, broad-shouldered human-like figure, observed at Area K; 27 July, 2012.  Copyright © 2015 Sanjay R Singhal.  All rights reserved.

FIELD REPORT 07.27.2012v2

To open the Report, simply double-click on the words “FIELD REPORT” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Substantiation of this Report may be provided by the eyewitness testimony of the family residing at Area K during the summer of 2012, [1]and by the reports of other visitors to the farm during that period; these included Russian cryptozoologist Dr Igor Bourtsev, at various times and dates.

Further substantiation may also be provided by my own field work at Area K, which also began in the summer of 2011 and continued, at intervals, through the autumn of 2012, when the farm was sold. In July of that year, I spent several days at the farm, during which time an unusual number of events occurred.

By the summer of 2012, several members of the family, as well as certain and various researchers and/or enthusiasts such as myself, were uniquely aware that a significant population of EC was residing on the property; direct, visual sightings of several individuals, during this time, permitted some clarification and identification of same. Further visits to the farm during this period also evidenced increasing physical, visual, audible and/or olfactory behaviours, vis-a-vis visual sightings, auditory and olfactory experiences, and physical traces, including branch assemblies, footprints, hair samples, et al.

The combination of physical, visual, audible and/or olfactory events described in this Report are as follows:

  1. The astonishing range of branch assemblies observed in the south woods, notable for their size, shape(s), configurations (combined and singular) as well as their recent constructions;
  2. The failure of both my cameras in the south woods, requiring the use of the flash setting;
  3. The blue-coloured tarp covered with leaves and surrounded by branch assemblies;
  4. The direct, visual observation of at least three dark-haired EC in the brush;
  5. The numerous, blurred photographs taken by my cameras.

These behaviours, and the history of my own experiences, may be considered sufficient confirmation of the presence of EC [2]at Area K, in the summer of 2012.

Little or no conclusive statement can be made regarding the personal infrasound event I suffered in the south woods, in the presence of the farm wife. In context, it is reasonable to associate same with the appearance of the dark-haired EC observed in the brush; however, this cannot now be confirmed.

A number of other subjective events occurred. While these cannot be considered conclusive evidence, neither should they be discounted. Although it is reasonable to review the impact of non-objective stimuli in this Report, such effects, while personally quite vivid and at times overwhelming, are nonetheless nearly impossible to substantiate with any measure of certainty.

[1] Sanjay R Singhal. Field Report 07.26.2012B: Area K. Beyond the Forest. 27 March 2015. Web. Accessed 29 March 2015.

[2] EC, in this context, stands for “Elder Children”, as usual.

To open the Report, simply double-click on the words “FIELD REPORT” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA


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Copyright © 2015 Sanjay R Singhal, RA.  All rights reserved.



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