Field Report 11.15.2013: Area F


FIELD REPORT 11.15.2013

One of my last investigations for 2013 was also the most astonishing, and I do not make this statement lightly; I still cannot believe what I saw, what I felt, and what I experienced.  Not only did I have a truly remarkable, face-to-face sighting with an EC (yes, you read that correctly, face-to-face with an EC!), but I observed, and documented, an incredibly branch assembly, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

To open the report, simply double-click on the words “FIELD REPORT” above, and the PDF file will open for you; you may then download the file to your own computer, or read here, at your leisure.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA


Please feel free to like/join my Facebook page and post your comments and/or questions about this, or any other of my reports and postings; there are more reports being issued, and more branch-assembly analyses, so stay tuned!

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One comment

  1. Sanjay,.as always,.thank you very much for sharing this report,and your experience!!
    I’ve read this report a few times now,.and have honestly tried to think of the words to write! Lol,at times,words do escape me,for many reasons,and in this case,as in your experience on this day,I’m thinking we can put this into that category!
    Amazing may be a good term! I do not doubt what you’ve shared here for a moment..,for I know of others who’ve shared experiences that are astonishing in nature,.yet they have no need to lie,or fabricate anything! And,much like yourself,.these researchers have some impressive documentation,in photos,videos,etc to show they are indeed in what may be termed as “definite hot spots” of activity.
    I find your work,and research extremely fascinating,and excellent as your methods of documentation,and reporting are very detailed,and your style of writing,and relaying your experiences in writing,,well,it’s almost as if I’m there,walking around,able to picture the forest,and having your commentary present makes it all the more educational experience.
    As for myself,I’m not as fortunate as some,for as I do live in an area of,at times,massive amounts of strangeness(and yes,some of it being the high kind of strangeness,lol),unfortunately as of this time, although I am convinced there has been quite a few instances of activity(including some possible activity around my home last summer!)and quite a few sightings in the past,there is not much to speak of for the most part. But,there is many well known areas just across the Ohio River,that are renown for the “Locals” there,and from what I’ve been told..they are sometimes not shy about it! (I’m thinking you know better than I,about a couple spots,for I’ve read your excellent reports from the Salt Fork State Park area!) Current financial situations doesn’t permit very much travel for the time being,but thankfully this will be changing soon!
    Therefore,I(like no doubt many others in similar situations) rely on researchers and investigators much like yourself,that actively and honestly look for,and document these mysterious residents of the wilds,.to obtain data and info otherwise unattainable. My only hope,is to be able to return the kindness,and positive contributions of a few dedicated individuals that’s contributed their personal knowledge and findings to this field of study,by one day in the future contributing my own findings,and experiences(if I should be able,and perhaps lucky enough!).
    I think it’s safe to say that,as I’ve witnessed,read,and heard so many people’s accounts,reports and experiences thro the last few years,this is a subject that completely,and totally envelops one,,.and the effects,although staggering at times in their implications and very nature,.can be quite a positive. I know I wouldn’t be the same person today,had I never learned of such astonishing beings,and their often unknown reality.,that exists very near ours!
    I pride myself on being versed(as much as possible,lol)on the historical aspect of these über-amazing,fascinating beings,the residents of the woods.,as well as efforts towards keep up with certain members of the research community,that I consider credible,reliable sources of information,data,and experiences shared in the true spirit of pursuing knowledge,and understanding for those benefits alone. IMHO,that’s a wonderful thing! And,on that note,as I’ve followed your work,investigations for a bit now,I’ve come to consider you in the above mentioned category,and an individual that I’m fortunate to have found online,and learned much from already! It definitely appears also,from the outside looking in,writing reports,documenting reports with photos,and posting them online appears to be a time consuming affair! However,it is very greatly appreciated by folks like myself,that would have very likely left this phenomena,and all it’s mind boggling mysteries,a long time ago,for the unfortunate drama,madness,and shoddy information and rumors that sometimes steals the spotlight form the positive aspects.
    Regardless of any thing else,.it often seems to me that we,the folks seriously investing their lives and efforts.,are all involved in learning about one of the greatest mysteries of human history,and we may be in a very special time,and place. When one thinks about how long the mystery has been in place,it’s quite astonishing!
    I only hope we see many questions answered within our lifetime,and as long as there is responsible,dedicated members of this pursuit,as you,and others just as dedicated,.i have high hopes for just that very scenario!


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