Photograph SS140706.K2051: An Interpretation


140706.K2.ADDENDUM 01v2

The possibility of pareidolia, or matrixing, cannot be discounted from this perspective. It must be stated, for the purposes of this Addendum, that I did not, at any time, observe any physical creature standing in the woods, watching me. I was too far away, approximately five hundred yards (500yds, or 457.20m); I was using a small point-and-shoot camera (albeit a very good one); the area of my attention was in deep shade. All of these factors, in combination, must be considered against the images presented herein.

In consideration for the presence of said creatures in this photographs, one must include, albeit with some hesitation, the persistent feeling of being watched when the photographs were taken. As previously stated, this feeling is extremely subjective, yet it cannot be overlooked, or discounted; I knew I was being watched, and the feeling of it was so strong, so palpable, that I almost turned around and walked back into the woods.

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